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Evolution of Graphic Design in Online Media

Le 13 July 2018, 07:26 dans Humeurs 0


There was a time when the media could be categorized into two categories, print and electronic. But now, a third one also exists - called online media. Without online media, the definition of media can not be considered complete.

These days, online media is high in demand and it is at its peak. Everyone wishes to get connected with this way of media. It is popular pretty much because the new age people find it close to their hearts and likings. Everyone is available on the Internet through the various types of social media platforms.

In addition, another linked thing that can not be underestimated is graphic design . Whether it is e-commerce or social media, everywhere there is a great requirement of stunning graphic designs. The evolution of graphic design is still going on. Here we are going to list some of the most important points about why graphic design holds a significant value in online media .

1. It adds a spark to the brand

Yes! You may not know it but it is true that the company's brand value belongs to its logo as well. It is your logo, which attracts the customers first towards the company. And your logo is designed by the graphic designer.

Apart from it, if you are on active social media to make your brand popular, you require a stylish designer Who can do graphic designing to update Were daily basis. Whether you are advertising your product or talking about your bestselling service. 

2. It shows the unity

When it comes to the brand's value on online platforms , it is required to have an impressive, informative, and unique graphic designscheme .

Such scheming (or making of themes) helps in unifying the various elements of your brand. This helps in achieving consistency for your business or organization in general. Without the help of a graphic designer , it's hard to pull off such scheming.

3. Professionalism is shown through graphic design

When it comes to impressing the business associates , the importance of eye-catching design can not be underestimated. Whether they are vendors, customers, or entities, they get some ideas about your company.

If they are not good in the presentation that you are going to lose your potential customers. It does not matter if the prepared pamphlets are cheap or high end, it is only about the look and the way of presenting information.

4. It is not all about money but the creativity

The new age market is flooded with a wide array of graphic designers. Some of them are not very good. You May-have to pay a lot for badly designed graphics while if you assign someone who's serving you cheap May you deliver attractive graphic design .

Actually, it is all about the artistic development carried by the designers. And that's why it's important to keep in mind that you must check out the creativity of the designer before hiring. Why should you pay a lot for bad design?

Contributed by Arthur Payne . Arthur is a professional Graphic Designer who is stepping into the field of graphic design by chance. He is known to get projects done fast and without errors. His aim is to have coherence and ease of understanding. To know more about his work, Visit:



Web Application Development 2016

Le 3 January 2017, 06:30 dans Humeurs 0

With the changing times, the technology is Evolving at a faster pace. And with this development, there come better methods That makes the process of completion easier. Needless to say, the web development application is changing with time.

The traditional web application development practices can not meet the needs of today's businesses. THUS, you should be aware of the latest trends in the market. Here are some of the best and most effective web application development trends that are in vogue this year:

1.  Security 

Cyber ​​Crimes are on an all-time high These Days. A small breach in your web development security can affect the company as well as the trust of the customers. 
Nowadays, cybercrimes are going beyond the imagination of people. The Threads of the World, The Application of Web Application Development Throughout the Year. Your web application (s) must not have any access control, authentication, SQL injection, confidentiality,  cross site scripting , etc. 

2.  User experience 

 User significant plays an experience Role When It Comes to the success of the web application development this year as well. Web must applications Ensure a flawless and smooth user experience that is also functional and useful for the end user. 
It includes login redirects , email subscription, form submissions, and more. You must pay close attention to each one of these features.

3.  Minimalism 

An uncluttered and fresh user interface has been the demand of customers for a long time. You must strive to achieve Achievement minimalism and a simple look by Reducing the design to Most Essential Elements. Web  based applications design is minimal load quickly. Also it offers better user experience on the mobile devices
HOWEVER, do not overdo minimalism so much That you hide significant information from your user.

4. Responsive Design 

 These days, people go to the web and THUS, it HAS become crucial. It Can Be Said That also responsive design has become a norm INSTEAD of a trend.

5.  Customizable push notifications 

Till now, most of the web application development companies -have to include push notifications and advertisements Within an app. Purpose They Are Rather Irritating for the Users and Often Become the reason for uninstallation. Customizable push notifications offer a great deal of convenience to the customers. 

While thesis is just the common development trends and predictions for this year, one thing is clear here. Web developers are sure to make this process easier and easier. And this is definitely a good news. It's about time We could save some time and money and focus on new and dynamic applications.

These trends are hard to guess. Let's be hopeful and wait for some new releases in the market.

Authored by Claudia Brown . Claudia is a no-nonsense web application developer. Her primary aim is to build a high degree of usability and ease of use for the users. All the Unnecessary clutter confused . If it spots a small feature or needless interaction it will make it more or more useful. to know more about her work, visit:




Logo Design- The Evolution Of Popular Brands

Le 30 July 2016, 17:10 dans Humeurs 0

Logo Becomes the identity of the brand and the fact can not be denied. Everyone works a lot on Their brand logo . These days, organisms are payinggreat care to the preparation of Their logos.

Generally, a must logo be presented in a way That Such viewers can get an idea about the company and the product. To put it in --other words, it bridges the gap entre les company and the customers.

A aussi advertises your brand logo in a silent Manner. The logo IsModified time-to-time to Attract the customers. Here we are going to explore more about logo design Evolution of popular brands.

Do You Know About Shell's Black & White Logo?
Shell is a gas station and it made icts first logo in 1900. In the starting, It was the Sami-have inked clamshell literal drawing. Emerged goal later it with the red and yellow shades.It was quite impressive in comparison to the last one.Currently it is still in red and yellow shade, purpose without the written text.

Twitter Embraces Simplicity
Who does not know about Twitter? It is one of the biggest social networking website and is Being liked Among the youth a lot.In the starting, It was a bird without wings.Aim the logo of Twitter HAS always beens in sky . blue colorCurrently it: has a logo Makes us feel que la bird is about to fly.It is very easy Without Any detailing.

Coca-Cola Logo Design -From Black & White to Color Red
Coca-Cola is one of the Most Popular beverage companies. It was very conscious about aussi icts design logo Eng .From starting ict, ict logo It has modified more than 10 1886 it released icts logo was a single text, COCA-COLA, in black color.Later, the text was modified and made a bit stylish.The logo of Coca-Cola came first time with red color in 1950 and it was superb.After That, it has been modified a number of times, it never Compromised goal icts with red color.

IBM Holds a Simple but Very Popular Logo
The company is very popular and Its logo as well.Purpose in the starting, IBM did not get the expected success, Partly Because ict logo Was too complicated.
Gradually, the company Understood That complicated logos do not work and Their logo shoulds be easy to connect with the masses.It released first single icts and text based logo in 1947. It was modified in 1956 As It Was filled with the black color.Presently the IBM logo is in sky blue shade HAVING horizontal stripes.The logo is very popular and can anyone seeing Recognise The company ict logo.

A Logo Designer Must Bear in Mind That:

  1. A logo must be easy and attractive.
  2. It shoulds be in a way so That People can connect themselves with the company, service, or products.
  3. It shoulds be short and informative.
  4. Creativity is required to make a single logo.
  5. Be careful at the time of choosing the color of the logo.

Written by Emery Nelson , Emery is a reputed designer logo with more than 6 years of experience in designing for corporates and organisms. Emery comes from a fine arts background, and Easily leveraged the power of illustrations, SVGs, web graphics , light entertainment, and vibrant color use to make websites more appealing to Their users. to know more about His work, visit:







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